Thursday, April 2, 2020

How to find CMIP6 Data Citations?

The IPCC AR6 Part 1 is in its Second Order Draft review. Publications to be included in the AR6 are published. The question about how to find a CMIP6 data reference comes up more frequently. The data citation recommendation is part of the DOI landing page for each data collection. But how to find that?

The different options are discussed in this post. A second blog post discusses machine-accessible options.


The best and least time-consuming option is to check the CMIP6 data citation at the time of data download in the ESGF CoG portal, e.g.
Use 'Show Citation' and follow the provided link to the landing page.

2. CMIP6 Citation Service search interface

In case the CMIP6 data citations were not stored at the time of data download, the CMIP6 Citation Service offers a dedicated search interface at: A detailed documentation with use cases is available here.

The result list includes data references for both granularities offered. For filtering a simple search using the magnifying glass and an advanced search under 'Actions' > 'Filter' are offered. Please choose the appropriate granularity for your use case. Each result gives the complete data citation recommendation. Results can be exported in csv, html and PDF formats. To reduce the downloaded information, it is possible to hide individual columns, e.g. via 'Actions' > 'Selected Columns'. Please read the 'Actions' > 'Help' for information on further functionalities.

In case a machine readable version of the complete metadata is required, it is possible to make a link to the json formatted metadata visible via: 'Actions' > 'Select Columns'.

3. DataCite Search interface

Another source with a complete record of all CMIP6 data citations is DataCite's search interface at
The search syntax is not very intuitive. An example search for MPI-M's CMIP6 data is:

A documentation of DataCite's Search is available at:

4. Google Dataset Search

CMIP6 Data Citations appear in Google Dataset Search with an unknown delay. Auto-completion supports DRS_ids.




















5. FurtherInfoUrl link

Based on the 'furtherInfoUrl' global attribute provided in each NetCDF file header, the CMIP6 Data Citation information can be accessed via a page hosted by ES-DOC, e.g.

6. OpenAIRE's Explore portal

An alternative to DataCite's Search offers OpenAIRE's Explore portal The search functionality of the Explorer is similar to that of DataCite but easier to use. However, a temporal delay has to be taken into account when using this portal, as the CMIP6 Citation information is harvested by OpenAIRE from DKRZ's OAI server.

To search through CMIP6 data citation information, please use this link as entry point.

References and Links:
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Google Dataset Search:
OpenAIRE Explore:

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